Sister of Gabon's ousted President to face trial in France


Sister of Gabon's ousted President to face trial in France

Pascaline Bongo, the sister of Gabon's ousted President Ali Bongo, is set to go on trial in France in January 2024, as per reports. 

She is being investigated for alleged involvement in corrupt activities, specifically in relation to public contracts in Gabon during the period of 2010 to 2011. 

It is claimed that she facilitated these contracts on behalf of the French construction company Egis Route, with the promise of receiving a reward of 8 million euros. 

Pascaline Bongo, who previously served as her late father Omar Bongo's chief of staff, vehemently denies the accusations. Her lawyer has stated that there is no evidence of her involvement, emphasizing that she had no contact with anyone, no contracts were signed, and no money was transferred. 

In addition to Pascaline Bongo and Egis Route, the trial will also implicate at least five other individuals. It should be noted that the forthcoming legal proceedings will have implications for both Gabon and France.

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