Kenya deploys Police units after deadly ethnic clashes


Kenya deploys Police units after deadly ethnic clashes

The escalating ethnic clashes in the western town of Sondu, situated on the border of Kericho and Kisumu counties in Kenya, have prompted the deployment of specialized police units by the Kenyan government. 

The deployment aims to address and contain the violent conflicts that have resulted in the loss of seven lives and the displacement of several individuals since the clashes began on Wednesday. 

In response to the situation, the Interior Minister has announced the transfer of local security chiefs from both Kisumu and Kericho. 

He emphasized the significant consequences of the clashes, including loss of life, destruction of property, and a profound disruption of civil order over the past two days. 

Local leaders are urgently calling for the resolution of a border dispute between the opposing communities. 

These recent clashes follow a similar pattern of violence in which three people were killed in Sondu in July. 

Notably, Sondu has a history of recurring ethnic violence, particularly during election cycles. 

The situation highlights the ongoing challenges and tensions faced by Kenya in maintaining peace and stability within its diverse communities.

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