Man arrested for cutting both of his wife's hands.

Man arrested for cutting both of his wife's hands.

 A man has been apprehended by Rwenzori East Police after allegedly cutting both of his wife's arms following a heated argument caused by a misunderstanding. The incident occurred on August 31st in Kyalanga village, Karusandara sub-county, Kasese district. The victim, Phiona Muzeyimana, is currently undergoing treatment at Mount St. Mary's Hospital, while the suspect has been identified as Alan Masereka.

A local resident named Jovia Kabugho came across a trail of blood on her way to the river and, upon investigation, found a group of people gathered around the injured woman who had lost both her arms. She rushed to seek help, stating, "I told people to help me rescue the life of the old woman."

According to Catherine Ampumuza, the chairwoman of Kyalanga Parish LC2, the couple had been living together happily for the past seven years and had over five children. Nelson Tumushime, the spox for Rwenzori East Police, urged people to contact the police if conflicts cannot be resolved peacefully.

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