Two Detained For Allegedly Killing Unidentified Man


Two Detained For Allegedly Killing Unidentified Man

KISORO – Two individuals have been arrested by the police in Kisoro District in connection with the ongoing investigation into the death of an unknown adult male.

The victim is suspected to have been strangled by an unidentified attacker. The lifeless body was found on August 22, 2023, around 4:00 PM, in Zindiro village, Kamonye ward, part of the Northern Division in Kisoro Municipality.

The suspects, identified as Dusimimana Oliver, a 37-year-old from the Mufumbira community, and her 18-year-old son Iragire Moses, both residents of Zindiro village, Kamonye ward, Northern Division, Kisoro Municipality, are being held for questioning.

According to reports, a concerned citizen alerted the authorities about the deceased adult male in the mentioned village on the specified date and time. The police arrived promptly, discovering the lifeless body with visible facial injuries.

Elly Maate, spokesperson for Kigezi region Police, mentioned that the crime scene was thoroughly examined and documented by a team led by Deputy Assistant Superintendent of Police (D/ASP) Tuhabwe Robert, along with officers from the canine unit. Due to the body's advanced decomposition, it was taken to Kisoro Hospital mortuary for a postmortem examination.

This tragic event has resulted in the initiation of a murder case at Kisoro Central Police Station, registered under reference number CRB 576/2023.

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