Road Crashes Claim Atleast 80 Lives in just one Week


Road Crashes Claim Atleast 80 Lives in just one Week

In a span of one week, a series of road accidents in Uganda resulted in more than 80 deaths. The incidents occurred between August 12th and August 19th, 2023. The majority of the deaths involved motorcycle crashes, which also caused injuries to 430 other individuals.

According to Michael Kananura, the spokesperson for the Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety, the primary causes of these fatalities were excessive speeding and surpassing the recommended speed limits. Kananura shared that during this timeframe, a total of 437 accidents were recorded. Among these, 74 were fatal, 224 were categorized as serious, and 124 were minor. The victims totaled 428, with 87 people losing their lives and 341 suffering injuries.

To address this issue, a collaborative effort known as "Fika Salama Extra" is being conducted by the police, the Uganda National Roads Authority, and the health ministry to mitigate road accidents.

Additionally, road safety activists, represented by The Road Safety Advocacy Coalition Uganda, expressed appreciation for the police's resumption of operations against drunk driving, which involves the use of breathalyzers. This initiative follows the lifting of a previous ban on actions against drunk driving. Consequently, 38 individuals who were found to be driving under the influence have been issued Express Penality Tickets (EPS).

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