President Museveni is serious on ending election violence and impunity, Bukedea District By-election is one example


Well as I write this, a few hours ago, a team of officers from State House  Anti Corruption Unit, swung into action in Bukedea District arresting Mr Wilberforce Tukei, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) and the District Police Commander(DPC) SP Charles Okoto. 

Preliminary investigations indicate that they were involved in corruption scandals that led to the election mess, violence and impunity in the Bukedea District Chairperson by-election. 

Both the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) and his District Police Commander (DPC) head and command the security of the district therefore they equally or deliberately neglected or slept on their job. 

The arrests have so far taken in Regional Police Commander (RPC), other 5 Police Officers including Deputy ASP Alex Ehguloiti, one District  Councilor among others.


All these arrests emanate from President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta Tibuhaburwa's letter he wrote on 26th June 2023, directing the Head of State House Anti- Corruption Unit, Brig Gen Henry Isoke to investigate elements of violence, impunity in the Bukedea  Chairperson LC5 by-election election especially on  the side or camp of  Candidate, Mr Omagor whose a academic papers were destroyed, his money amounting  to Shs. 163 Million was equally stolen. (see letter attached).

It is very unfortunate that all this violence was being spear headed by some Government officials.

Now, like I wrote on my Twitter @AkampaRugaba, elections are put in place to enable citizens, wainaichi vote or elect leaders of their own choice. 

And this exercise MUST be free and fair therefore any involvement of Government officials to deter any group of Citizens or candidates from practicing their constitutional right is an  enemy of not only the people of that area but the constitution of Uganda.

Such acts hinder or impede people from freely contesting or even coming back to polling stations to vote for their choice of leaders, which make our young and growing democracy useless.

Like President Museveni has always condemned violence and impunity of the 1980 elections that forced him and  some of his comrades to the bush. 

Election violence, vote rigging, impunity more so by some Government officials or any body else must always be highly condemned by all sane persons who envision building a better and democratic Uganda.

Youth must always desist from being used as elements of violence and the security forces as tools of impunity.

For God & My Country Uganda.


AKAMPA Tanbull

 Media Analyst - Office of the National ChairmaƱ of NRM (ONC)

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