30 Year Old Man Arrested For Defiling 8 Year Old Girl


Police in North Bukedi Region have arrested a 30-year-old man on allegations of defiling a 9-year-old girl in Budaka District, eastern Uganda.

The suspect (names withheld by the publication) a resident of Kaderuna 1 Village, Kaderuna Sub County in the eastern district is alleged to have lured the victim to his home and defiled her in the absence of her parents on Monday.

“Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspect went to victim’s home and found her roasting groundnuts. He then tricked her to go with him to the borehole to fetch water for the mother. The victim accepted and went with him,” said ASP Immaculate Alaso, the North Bukedi Regional Police Spokesperson.

While at the borehole the suspect told the victim to accompany him to his house so that he can also pick up his jerrycan to fetch for him water as well.

“The victim went with him to his house and he closed the door and forced the victim to lay down on the papyrus mat before defiling her,” Ms Alaso explained, adding that the victim’s mother, a 42-year-old housewife and a resident of the same area started tracing for her daughter only to find her at the suspect’s home.

“She did not find her daughter at the borehole. She went to the suspect’s house, peeped through the door and saw the suspect defiling her daughter on a papyrus mat. She called in people around who responded to the scene to rescue the victim and arrested the suspect,” she said.

SP Alaso said the victim was examined and put on treatment while the suspect remains in police custody as investigations go on.

“There are many cases of child sexual abuse in our area but only a few are reported to police. We call upon parents to report such cases to authorities. We also call upon the police to do their work and bring the culprits to book,” Ms Florence Mugala, a resident of the same area said.

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