Pastor Arrested for Holding Patients Against Their Will in Church

Police authorities in Soroti City apprehended a pastor for confining severely ill individuals within a church premises under the guise of praying for their recovery.

The incident occurred at the Galilee Ministry of Christ Church, situated in Amen "B" cell, Amen ward within Soroti City West. Approximately thirty congregants, including five critically ill patients, were present at the church on Monday afternoon.

Confirming the arrest, Mr. Edison Obukulem, the spokesperson for East Kyoga police, disclosed that Pastor Simon Peter Ogoba had been detained. Subsequently, the patients were rescued and transferred to Soroti Regional Hospital for necessary medical attention.

Mr. Obukulem issued a caution to pastors, emphasizing that they lack medical expertise and should not admit patients into their congregations. Instead, he urged them to advocate for seeking medical assistance.

Pastor Ogoba defended the church's actions, explaining that they offered prayers and fasting for individuals with various health issues. While acknowledging that some patients were referred to Mulago Hospital, he argued that not all cases necessitated hospitalization and asserted that the church provided a conducive environment for focused prayer.

One of the affected individuals, Mr. Emmanuel Okello, shared his decision to seek divine intervention for his cancer diagnosis, citing dissatisfaction with local hospital treatments. Despite noting some improvement, he expressed willingness to return to Mulago Hospital, hindered only by transportation challenges.

Expressing astonishment, Mr. Patrick Peter Emaru, the Mayor of Soroti City West Division, urged pastors to prioritize people's health by encouraging them to seek professional medical assistance.

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