How hospital staff connived to steal one of the newborn twins from mother while she was asleep


Police in Koboko are currently conducting an investigation into the alarming theft of a newborn female twin from Koboko General Hospital. The distressing incident took place on March 29 at approximately 8 pm, although it was reported to the police five days later.

According to the preliminary police report, on March 21 around 9:40 am, a woman named Afekum Baifa, accompanied by her friend Chandiru Beatrice, underwent a caesarean section delivery of twins—a boy and a girl.

During a moment when the mother was resting, her attendant was called by Drateru Jelly, a midwife, to accompany her to the placenta pit for the disposal of urine and the discarded placenta. Upon the attendant's return, a shocking discovery was made—the newborn female twin was nowhere to be found.

"The hospital conducted a thorough search, but unfortunately, the baby was not located," stated the police.

Subsequently, the matter was reported to the authorities, leading to the summoning and eventual arrest of several hospital staff members.

"We are actively engaged in efforts to locate and safely recover the stolen baby. We urge new mothers to exercise caution and be vigilant of strangers, some of whom may be targeting their newborns. Additionally, we call upon Hospital Managers to enhance security measures within Maternity Wards to safeguard both new mothers and their infants," emphasized the police spokesperson.

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