10 arrested for stealing M7 cows

Police in Gomba, working in collaboration with the Flying Squad Unit (FSU), have apprehended 10 individuals suspected to be deeply involved in the persistent theft of cattle from the State Farm in Kirasi, Ddegeya Parish, Maddu Subcounty, within Gomba District.

The incident unfolded on March 29, 2024, when the disappearance of five cows from the farm was reported, prompting immediate action from authorities who notified the Kajumiro Police Post.

In response, a dedicated team from the Crime Intelligence Headquarters was swiftly dispatched by the FSU. Their investigations led to the discovery that Nyanzi Robert, a cattle dealer from Lwekibira village, was allegedly purchasing stolen cattle from the State farm.

Nyanzi Robert was subsequently apprehended, and his cooperation led to the identification and arrest of five other individuals involved in the illicit trade. Among those apprehended are Aliho Frank, a 29-year-old cattle dealer from Kirasi village; Tatuleka Fred, also from Kirasi village; Tumusiime Godan, a 30-year-old cattle dealer also hailing from Kirasi village; Kanyerezi Willy, a 35-year-old dealer from Kajumiro village; and Gumisiriza Godfrey, a businessman residing in Kajumiro village.

In a separate operation on March 5, 2024, at approximately 8 pm, an additional four suspects were taken into custody. These individuals include Bazibumbira Wilson, a 40-year-old veterinary officer assigned to the farm; Kirimunte Ronald, a 50-year-old cattle dealer from Kyamabaale village; Byarugaba Matiya, a 56-year-old resident of Kigoma village; and Gitta Ronald, a 30-year-old manager at the State Farm.

Police investigations revealed a disturbing collusion between the arrested dealers and certain workers at the State farm, allegedly aiding in the theft of the cattle.

"We remain committed to collaborating with our local partners in the pursuit of all those involved in the criminal activities surrounding cattle theft from the State Farm, dismantling their illicit operations," stated the police spokesperson.

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