Pregnant Senior Six Student Found Dead by Hanging

Police in Budaka District are currently investigating the heartbreaking death of Kolovina Naisiga, a 20-year-old senior six student at Budini Secondary School in Kaliro District. Naisiga was discovered deceased by hanging in her room at her family’s residence in Bukomolo village, Kadatuni Parish, Katira Sub-County, Budaka district, around 9 pm on Sunday.

The acting Bukedi North regional police spokesperson, Superintendent of Police Samuel Semewo, disclosed that detectives are diligently working to unravel the circumstances surrounding Naisiga’s apparent suicide. Preliminary investigations indicated that she was pregnant at the time of her demise.

According to reports, Naisiga’s tragic discovery unfolded when her younger brother was sent by their mother to call her for supper. Shockingly, he found her lifeless body hanging from a rope in her room. Her mother's frantic alarm drew the attention of neighbors, and Mr. Tom Bulabale, the deceased’s father, promptly notified the police.

Authorities swiftly responded to the scene, meticulously documented the incident, gathered statements, and transported Naisiga’s remains to the Mbale City Mortuary for postmortem examination.

While Naisiga was remembered as a diligent and bright student by one of her teachers, news of her untimely death reverberated throughout the school community, leaving many in shock. Concerns regarding mental health and the necessity for counseling sessions for students were voiced by retired health worker Ms. Mary Gimono and mental health advocate Ms. Stella Acham.

Retired Psychiatrist Mr. Simon Peter Owori underscored the prevalence of mental disorders, particularly depression, as underlying factors in cases of suicide. He stressed the significance of fostering open communication and seeking professional assistance to address mental health challenges in a timely manner.

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