Bobi Wine Orders YouTube to Delete Gravity Omutujju's New Song


Gereson Wabuyi, popularly known as Gravity Omutujju, finds himself in a state of despair as his chart-topping anthem "Eddoboozi Lyomutuuze" is unceremoniously removed from YouTube due to alleged copyright infringement, sending shockwaves through his fanbase.

The blow came on February 18, 2024, when YouTube swiftly responded to a copyright removal request for the song, promptly taking it down from the platform. Gravity Omutujju, visibly distraught by this turn of events, has pointed an accusing finger at none other than fellow musician and political figure, Bobi Wine, for instigating the removal.

In a passionate outburst on his official Instagram page, Gravity Omutujju didn't mince his words, directly implicating Bobi Wine in what he perceives as an act of censorship aimed at silencing his message. He asserted that "Eddoboozi Lyomutuuze" delves into themes of greed and corruption, insinuating that Bobi Wine, being a subject of the song's critique, orchestrated its removal out of self-interest.

"Now see the person who wants change. Because my song talks about greedy people and thieves you have decided to pull it down !!!!!," lamented Gravity in his Instagram post, laying bare his frustration and disappointment at what he perceives as an abuse of power.

He continued his tirade, painting a picture of a supposed imbalance of authority, where a presidential hopeful wields influence over the creative expression of a rising star like himself. Gravity Omutujju highlighted the irony of being censored by someone purporting to champion change, accusing Bobi Wine of stifling dissent and resorting to authoritarian tactics.

The Ugandan rapper didn't shy away from challenging Bobi Wine's integrity, suggesting that the move to remove his song was an attempt to protect vested interests rather than promote genuine reform. He invoked the names of legendary Ugandan musicians like Philly Lutaaya, emphasizing the importance of artistic freedom and expression in the face of censorship.

Gravity Omutujju's emotional plea resonated with his fans and supporters, sparking a debate about the boundaries of artistic expression and the influence of politics on the Ugandan music scene. As the controversy rages on, one thing remains clear: Gravity Omutujju refuses to be silenced, vowing to continue using his music to shine a light on societal injustices, regardless of the obstacles in his path.

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