" We Have Not Arrested Any Suspect In Bugingo Shooting" Police


As of today, the police have not made any arrests in connection with the attempted murder of Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and the tragic killing of his guard, Richard Muhumuza, despite offering a reward of Shs20 million for information leading to the identification, and arrest of suspects, and the recovery of the weapon used.

Mr. Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, stated in an update yesterday that the Special Investigations Department (SID) has not provided fresh information on the shooting. “I don’t have any updates on arrests and investigation from SID as of now regarding any arrests,” he confirmed.

Detectives closely involved in the investigation, speaking anonymously to this publication, revealed that no suspects have been apprehended thus far, and the weapon used in the crime remains unrecovered. Despite this, they expressed optimism, stating, “We have some clues on the suspect; we hope to arrest him any time and recover the gun as well.”

Earlier this week, the police announced a cash reward for individuals with information crucial to solving the case. The reward is aimed at encouraging cooperation and assistance from the public in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

The attempted murder of Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and the killing of his guard occurred recently, prompting heightened efforts by law enforcement to apprehend the suspect and solve the case. As investigations continue, the police are relying on available leads to make progress in this high-profile incident.

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