This is the second attack on MK Movement supporters in the last 8 months- Muhoozi Speaks Out on Bugingo Shooting


Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the first son and aspiring presidential candidate for the 2026 elections, has spoken out against the recurring attacks on supporters of the MK Movement. The latest incident involves the targeted shooting of prominent supporter Pastor Aloysious Bugingo, marking the second attack on the movement's backers within the last eight months.

Pastor Bugingo, a staunch advocate for the MK Movement, narrowly escaped a fatal assault as unidentified assailants targeted him while he was driving home. Speaking on the matter, Muhoozi Kainerugaba expressed gratitude for Bugingo's survival, stating, "We praise the Lord that our strong supporter, Pastor Bugingo, survived an attempt on his life last night as he was driving home. I have spoken to him and he is well, albeit slightly wounded in his left shoulder. Unfortunately, a friend and member of his church lost his life to the assassin."

The presidential hopeful emphasized the urgency for law enforcement agencies to promptly investigate the incident and apprehend the perpetrators. Muhoozi Kainerugaba raised questions about the identity of the assailants, speculating whether they could be affiliated with known groups such as ADF or some shadowy organization. He urged authorities to provide answers, stating, "Who are these criminals? Is it ADF or some other shadowy group? We need answers to these questions."

Expressing his growing concern, Kainerugaba highlighted that this marked the second attack on MK Movement supporters within the last eight months, with no offenders brought to justice in the previous case. He specifically referenced the unsolved murder of Isma Olaxess, a case that continues to linger without resolution. Urging accountability, he stated, "The case of the cold-blooded murder of Isma Olaxess is still unresolved. Once again, we thank God that Pastor Bugingo survived this heinous attack."

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