Pastor Bugingo Defies Doubters, Refuses To Undress In Public To Prove The Shooting


 Pastor Aloysius Bugingo

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, addressing mourners at the burial of his bodyguard and church elder, Richard Muhumuza, in Muguluka Village, Lwebitakuli Sub-county, has staunchly stood against skeptics questioning the authenticity of the recent assassination attempt on his life. 

Pastor Bugingo, who revealed the incident during the funeral, adamantly refused to undress in public, citing privacy concerns, to prove the injuries he sustained during the attack.

Detailing the harrowing incident that occurred on Tuesday, January 2, at Bwalakata Junction off National Housing Road in Rubaga Division, Bugingo recounted how unknown gunmen targeted his car, resulting in the tragic death of his bodyguard. 

Despite more than 10 bullets being fired in the attack, doubts surfaced among the public, questioning whether it was a genuine assault or a staged incident specifically targeting Muhumuza.

Critics also challenged Bugingo's account of being shot in the back, demanding visual proof of the alleged wounds. The pastor boldly rejected these demands, emphasizing his commitment to maintaining his privacy, despite the public clamor.

Bugingo explained that during the 9pm shooting, he sustained injuries on his back, with Muhumuza acting as a shield. He recounted a divine intervention, where the voice of the Lord instructed him not to shake himself to confirm to the attackers that he was still alive. Bugingo then drove to Mulago Hospital, where he believes an unauthorized photo was taken and later shared on social media, contributing to the doubts surrounding the nature of his injuries.

Addressing mourners, Bugingo shared Muhumuza's prayer never to let harm befall the pastor in his presence, a vow fulfilled during the tragic incident. He added that Muhumuza had prayed for protection, anticipating potential threats while on duty in Somalia, not when he was around.

In response to Bugingo's statements, socialite Mr. Frank Gashumba, a friend of the pastor, criticized those attacking Bugingo, emphasizing the need for sympathy over political opportunism. Corporal Muhumuza, identified as an SFC soldier by security sources, received a military burial with an 18-gun salute at his ancestral home in Muguluka Village, Sembabule District.


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