Minister Otafiire Pokes Holes in Pastor Bugingo Shooting

The alleged assassination attempt on Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has taken a perplexing turn as Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen Kahinda Otafiire, casts doubt on the details surrounding the incident. In a radio interview on Thursday, Minister Otafiire expressed skepticism about the reported events and called on the police to diligently provide the public with accurate information.

"There are so many things that don't make sense," Gen Otafiire remarked. "I too am still waiting for the full report from the police because some of the information does not add up."

Pastor Bugingo, known for his controversial sermons, reportedly escaped an attempt on his life while driving home on Tuesday night. The assailants, reportedly an unknown number of gunmen, opened fire on his vehicle, resulting in the tragic death of his bodyguard, Richard Muhumuza, an SFC soldier.

The pastor, who was allegedly in the driver's seat during the attack, managed to speed off to Mulago Hospital. Muhumuza was later confirmed dead, while Pastor Bugingo sustained only minor injuries.

Minister Otafiire raised concerns about the lack of clarity in the initial police report regarding how the pastor survived the reported 13 bullets fired into his car.

"They told me 13 shots were fired, yet the person who drove to Mulago had only a small wound. They said that he hid under the steering wheel because he was the one driving...they said the two were sitting in front, but it is not clear where the bullets passed. There is still a lot we don't know," expressed the Minister.

Furthermore, he revealed that the police had not provided him with a comprehensive report detailing the shooting, urging them to conduct a thorough investigation and present a detailed account of the incident.

In response to the mounting questions, Pastor Bugingo attributed his survival to divine intervention, stating it was God's will that he emerged unscathed, claiming he still had unfinished business on earth.

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