Serial Killer Musa Musaasizi Sentenced to 105 Years for murdering five women, baby after having sex with them

In a chilling case that sent shockwaves through the nation, the High Court in Kampala has handed down a 105-year prison sentence to 23-year-old Musa Musaasizi, also known as "Uncle," for the brutal murders of five women and a child.

Musaasizi, a resident of Mujomba Zone 6 in Nankulabye, Rubaga Division, Kampala City, was apprehended in 2021 by a joint security team comprising the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence and the police. The arrest followed a series of gruesome cases where Musaasizi engaged romantically with women, had sexual encounters, and subsequently murdered them. He also took the life of a baby.

During the court proceedings, it was revealed that Musaasizi would go to the extent of burning the bodies of the women after killing them. Justice Margaret Mutonyi, presiding over the case, condemned the unspeakable act of killing and burning the victims, describing it as alarming to the country.

"The act of murdering and burning women cannot be treated kindly by this court. There can never be a reason why kill another, and it shows a perverted mind. He knew exactly what he was doing. He never wanted the bodies to be identified but be treated as unidentified people. The baby didn’t have a head, and other parts show he intended to kill the deceased person," stated Justice Mutonyi.

According to the judge, Musaasizi's actions exhibited a pattern of a serial killer, defined as someone who murders people in a short period. The victims, who were all his lovers, fell prey to his gruesome acts. The judge emphasized that such a habitual pattern of killing warranted a severe sentence.

Musaasizi received a 35-year sentence for the murder of one woman and her child, 30 years for the murder of another woman, and 40 years for the murder of yet another woman. The sentences are to run consecutively, and the judge mentioned that the time spent on remand would be deducted from each sentence.

Justice Mutonyi affirmed Musaasizi's right to appeal within 14 days. The sentencing reflects the severity of the crimes committed by Musaasizi, sending a strong message against such heinous acts in society.

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