Couple that killed each other in domestic violence brawl left behind five months old baby

The Ugandan community is grappling with the news of the demise of Arnold Senkungu, a well-known barber in Kampala. The unfortunate incident unfolded on Wednesday in Kabalagala, where Senkungu lost his life after a violent altercation with his long-time girlfriend and baby mama, Shina Atwine.

The altercation reportedly escalated to a point where Atwine, in a fit of rage, stabbed Senkungu with a knife. Gripped by fear and faced with the dire consequences of her actions, Atwine tragically took her own life using the same weapon when she realized Senkungu was unconscious and showing signs of potential fatality.

Arnold Senkungu, also known as Arnold Barber, succumbed to the injuries sustained during the altercation, marking a devastating end to the life of the popular barber. Police, in response to the incident, has presented a knife believed to have been used by Atwine in the commission of the crime as evidence from the crime scene.
At the time of the incident, Shina Atwine was 21 years old and a student, while Senkungu was 24. The couple, who were cohabiting, has left behind a 5-month-old baby, adding a layer of heartbreak to the already tragic circumstances.

Details surrounding the incident emerged after concerned neighbors, upon discovering fresh blood and locked doors, forced entry into the residence. Senkungu was found alive but succumbed to his injuries at Kibuli Hospital. Atwine, tragically, was discovered lifeless with a deep neck wound.

Deputy Police Spokesperson, Kampala Metropolitan, Luke Owoyesigyire, issued a statement shedding light on the distressing situation. "They were found in distress by their neighbor. Discovering fresh blood and locked doors, neighbors forced entry to find Senkungu alive but succumbed to injuries at Kibuli Hospital. Tragically, Atwine was found lifeless with a deep neck wound," Owoyesigyire stated.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for awareness and action against domestic violence. The young couple's untimely demise leaves a community in shock and a young infant without parents, underscoring the devastating impact of such tragic events on families and society as a whole.

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