First Lady Contracts COVID-19

First Lady, Janet Kataha Museveni has tested positive for COVID-19. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni made the announcement on X, revealing that the First Lady experienced symptoms, including a "sandy feeling" in the throat, after a family lunch on Christmas day.

President Museveni explained, "On Christmas day, after a family lunch, Maama Janet started feeling kukarakaatwa (sandy feeling) in the throat. We did a Rapid Corona test, which was negative. However, we sent another sample to Mbarara for PCR test and it came back Positive."

Despite President Museveni testing negative, he decided for the First Lady to self-isolate in one of the houses at Rwakyitura while he continues with scheduled programs that don't involve her. This decision led to the cancellation of certain engagements, including a visit to Kyenkwanzi and Hon. Kaboyo's function.

President Museveni expressed his concern about the situation but also highlighted the interest in how he remained negative despite close contact with the First Lady. He pondered whether his previous encounter with the virus in May contributed to his resilience, stating, "Was it because I am emponoka (survivor) of Corona of last May? Maama is now a first-time corona warrior. She is doing well."

As the First Lady begins her journey as a COVID-19 warrior, the President continues with his official duties, meeting guests and participating in events, ensuring that necessary precautions are taken. The situation brings attention to the unpredictable nature of the virus and its impact even within the same household.

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