BREAKING! Mama D Breaks Longest Cooking World Record

Mama D, known by her real name Dorcus Bashema Kirabo, is well on her way to etching her name in history by breaking the current longest cooking world record of 119 hours and 57 minutes. With fervent support pouring in from enthusiastic Ugandans representing diverse backgrounds, Mama D has not only surpassed expectations but has served an impressive 113 meals and cooked for an astonishing 119 hours, 57 minutes, and counting.
This extraordinary journey commenced on December 23 in Kira Town, a municipality nestled in the Wakiso district of Uganda's central region. Mama D's determination and culinary prowess have transformed her into a symbol of resilience and inspiration.

The current individual record (which has now been broken by Mama D) for the longest cook-a-thon stands at 119 hours, 57 minutes, and 16 seconds, a feat achieved by Irish chef Alan Fisher in Matsue, Shimane, Japan, from September 28 to October 3, 2023. Fisher's accomplishment dethroned the previous record holder, Nigerian chef Hilda Baci, who had claimed the crown in June. Undeterred by these impressive achievements, Mama D has set her sights on a remarkable 121 hours, aiming to carve her own niche in the culinary history books.
The outpouring of support for Mama D is nothing short of remarkable. From Kira, where Mama D is orchestrating her culinary masterpiece, people from all walks of life have gathered to offer various forms of assistance, ranging from financial contributions to moral support. Celebrities, businessmen, politicians, and government officials have rallied behind Mama D, showcasing a united front in recognizing and appreciating her groundbreaking endeavor.

Notable figures such as the President of the Alliance for National Transformation, Gregory Mugisha Muntuyera (Mugisha Muntu), businessman Amos Wekesa, singers Eddy Kenzo and Juliana Kanyomozi, comedian Anne Kansiime, CEO of the Uganda Tourism Board Lilly Ajarova, DJs Aludah, Fem, Lynda Ddane, and Bugy, socialite Judith Heard, and fashion guru Abryanz are among the many who have thrown their weight behind Mama D's record-breaking journey.

As Mama D continues to cook her way into the history books, the nation watches in awe, celebrating not just a culinary marathon but a testament to the strength of unity, determination, and the unwavering support of a community coming together for a shared cause.

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