Airbnb Scammer Nabbed: Fraudster Behind Bars After Conning Millions of Shillings


Sheila Wakesho

Kiambu County, Nairobi — Sheila Wakesho Matasa, a 24-year-old woman suspected of orchestrating a series of fraudulent schemes targeting holidaymakers, has been apprehended by detectives in Kiambaa, Kiambu County. The arrest took place at a bank in Ruaka, where Wakesho sought assistance after her account was frozen due to multiple suspicious transactions.

Wakesho is implicated in a sophisticated scam that spanned across Nairobi, Kiambu, Kisumu, and Mombasa counties, deceiving both local and foreign tourists. Operating through various social media platforms, she posed as the owner of multiple Airbnbs in the coastal region of Mombasa, amassing a followership of over 10,000 unsuspecting individuals.

Among the fraudulent Facebook accounts she created were Lifestyle Beachfront Airbnb, Mombasa Raha Airbnb, and Shah Tours. Investigations revealed that much of the information used to advertise these purported properties was plagiarized, and the uploaded photos were subject to copyright ownership.

The con artist directed her victims, who could only communicate with her online, to send booking fees to Mpesa Till number 8981656 or Paybill number 400200, with the account name 01100252088001. Subsequently, she would vanish, leaving her targets stranded at beaches, bus stations, SGR terminals, and airports.

Wakesho exhibited a high level of cunning by using multiple subscriber SIM cards interchangeably, registered under different names and often utilizing stolen ID cards. Notable among the phone numbers associated with her fraudulent activities include 0708 901 010, 0799 661 708, 0799 605 774, 0707 920 971, 0742 521 046, and 0788 370 306.

Her downfall came when she defrauded a banker, who, unwilling to let the matter slide, tipped off the detectives. This led to a swift response, resulting in Wakesho's arrest.

Following her apprehension, various DCI stations in the Nairobi region, including DCI Kilimani, Kasarani, Thika, Kiambaa, and DCI Kiambu, are currently processing files for her arraignment. Authorities from other counties where her crimes have been reported are awaiting her transfer for legal proceedings. Wakesho Matasa faces charges related to fraud, identity theft, and deception, with authorities committed to ensuring justice for the victims of her elaborate scams.

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