Police Recover Stolen Rifles, Gun Down Two Suspects in a Battle of Guns

The National Police Service successfully recovered two stolen police rifles and engaged in a fierce gun battle resulting in the neutralization of two suspects. The rifles were snatched by assailants just two days ago in Siaya County during an attack on police officers who were on a security assignment to deliver KCSE exam papers.

The incident occurred on a Monday morning when two armed police officers and an examination center manager disembarked from a transport vehicle near Mahero Secondary School for the delivery of exam papers. Unbeknownst to them, armed assailants lay in wait in nearby thickets and opened fire, killing one officer and leaving the other severely wounded. Miraculously, the examination center manager escaped unharmed.

Seizing the opportunity, the assailants made off with loaded AK47 and HK MP5 rifles, disappearing into the surroundings. Police suspect that the attackers exploited the rainy season, making the path to the school gate impassable for vehicles and forcing the examination coordinating team to be dropped at a distance.

Undeterred, security teams, spearheaded by Operations and Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau detectives, were swiftly deployed to apprehend the armed and dangerous criminals, recover the stolen firearms, and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Following a forensic trail, the deployment tracked the criminals to Busia and Siaya counties, ultimately locating them at a two-roomed house in the Awinga area of Siaya. A confrontation ensued as police knocked on the wooden door, resulting in a barrage of gunshots. In the aftermath, two youthful suspects were found in pools of blood, each beside a rifle and spent cartridges.

A thorough search of the premises revealed the recovered rifles, 44 live rounds, 16 spent cartridges, assorted mobile phones, crude weapons, daggers, machetes, military fatigues, and several Islamic literature books. Police believe that one armed suspect managed to escape, while another person of interest has been taken into custody to aid ongoing investigations.

The National Police Service expressed gratitude to the public for providing credible information that played a crucial role in tracking down dangerous criminals. Simultaneously, a stern warning was issued to armed criminal gangs, emphasizing that the ongoing all-out war to eradicate illegal firearms from the streets will inevitably bring them to justice. The NPS remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of the public as they intensify efforts to combat criminal activities and protect the nation.

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