KATANGA MURDER: Daughter, Doctor and House Help Sent to Luzira


Patricia, Otai and Amanyire at Nakawa court (Photo by New Vision)

In a significant development in the murder case of city businessman Henry Katanga, three individuals, including the daughter of the deceased, Patricia Kakwanza, have been charged and remanded to Luzira prison for allegedly tampering with evidence.

The trio, which also includes Dr. Charles Otai and George Amanyire (house help), appeared before Nakawa chief magistrate Elias Kakooza on Tuesday, November 21, where they faced charges related to their alleged roles in interfering with crucial evidence pertaining to the murder investigation.

Patricia Kakwanza, daughter of the late Henry Katanga, stood accused of destroying evidence, and her sister Martha Nkwanzi, though not present in court, was also charged with the same offense.

Dr. Charles Otai and George Amanyire were charged with being accessories to the murder of Henry Katanga. The charges suggest that they may have played a role in aiding or abetting the commission of the crime.

The court proceedings shed light on the complex web of events surrounding the murder case, raising questions about the involvement of individuals close to the victim.

Meanwhile, Molly Katanga, the widow of the slain businessman, who is facing murder charges, remains admitted at IHK. The court has issued criminal summons against her, compelling her to appear for proceedings related to the murder charges. The developments in the case continue to unfold, as authorities work to piece together the events leading to the tragic death of Henry Katanga.

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