KATANGA MURDER: Son Releases gruesome Images of mother Molly, displaying head injuries and amputated finger


Molly Katanga head injuries

In a surprising development, Arthur Katanga, the eldest son of the late Henry Katanga, has taken an extraordinary step by publicly releasing graphic images depicting the distressing aftermath of the traumatic incident involving his parents, Molly and Henry Katanga.

Arthur shared these disturbing pictures as part of an affidavit filed in the High Court in Kampala. The affidavit aims to counter what he describes as false claims made by city resident Barnabas Taremwa. Taremwa alleges that Molly Katanga, unassisted, checked herself into IHK on the morning of November 2 following the death of her husband due to a gunshot at their home in Mbuya Hill after a domestic dispute.

Taremwa, who is said to be a close relative, filed a court petition with Brig. Freddie Karara, the deceased's uncle, seeking an inquest to determine the circumstances and the responsible party in Katanga's death.

In their application, Taremwa and Brig. Karara make several allegations against Molly and her daughters, Tricia and Martha, implying their involvement in Katanga's death. Tricia reported to the police on the fateful day that she overheard her parents in a heated argument before a gunshot rang out. Upon reaching the bedroom, she found her father dead and her mother unconscious.

Molly, still in IHK hospital, has been charged for murder by the Director of Public Prosecution.

Arthur Katanga, in refuting Taremwa's narrative, criticized the police's alleged bias, claiming that the family was denied a postmortem report. He alleged that the report, deemed highly protected, was leaked to Taremwa, who then shared it on social media.

Addressing Molly's health, Arthur stated, "On 16th November 2023, we requested and obtained from IHK hospital reports of my mother’s condition when she went to the hospital on 2nd November 2023." He further detailed Molly's injuries, including severe head trauma and the amputation of a finger.

The release of these photos has brought the Katanga family back into the public eye, prompting concerns and raising questions about Molly's well-being. The DPP has directed her to appear in court on December 4 to face murder charges in connection to her husband's death. The circumstances surrounding Molly's injuries remain a subject of inquiry.

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