Businessman Patrick Bitature Daughter's Phones Hacked, Private Photos Leaked

Daughter to Kampala city businessman Patrick Bitature has broken the internet. Nataliey Bitature (born 1989), according to social gossiper Ritah Kaggwa had her phone hacked and private photos leaked on TikTok and Facebook.

Nataliey is a Ugandan entrepreneur and executive currently serving as Chief of Staff at The Simba Group. Bitature was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2015 and is the daughter of Patrick Bitature, one of the richest people in Uganda.

"Someone should call Natalie Bitature daughter to tycoon Patrick Bitature and and tell her a hacker hacked her phone and posted all her nudes and sex tapes in her own Facebook Account!
Yena ali eno abitusindikide nga as tubimusabye. Baby girl you are well endowed thou" Ritah Kaggwa posted.

About Nataliey Bitature

Nataliey Bitature is a distinguished Leadership and Performance Coach specializing in empowering African women. She is a renowned Speaker and successful African entrepreneur. Drawing from her personal experiences as a working African woman, Bitature has navigated and overcome the challenges many women encounter. Over the past decade, her dedication to surmounting obstacles has resulted in the recognition of her work and companies by esteemed organizations such as Forbes, The World Economic Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and several UN Agencies.

The creation of HER, an online empowerment community for young African women, stands as a testament to Nataliey's commitment to providing support and mentorship. This platform is designed to facilitate access to the assistance that proved instrumental in her own success.

In the last two years, Nataliey has undertaken the initiative of producing business and personal development videos on Facebook and YouTube. The objective is to be a valuable resource for young women seeking mentorship. The overwhelming response to these videos has revealed a strong demand from women for more information presented in short, accessible formats to aid in their personal and professional growth.

In her role as a mentor and coach for African women, Nataliey recognizes that one of the foremost challenges women face is related to their mindset. She observes that women often lack the necessary support and encouragement to believe in themselves.


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