A 13-year-old student punches a classmate to death who insulted him by calling him unintelligent.

A 13-year-old student fatally punches a classmate who insulted him by calling him unintelligent.


Police in Adjumani apprehended a 13-year-old student after he fatally struck a fellow classmate who had been insulting him for poor academic performance. 

The incident took place in Adjumani town council and involved Rashid Kawawa, a primary four student at Biyaya Primary School. 

The clash occurred during a football game when Rashid accidentally collided with his peer, Alimo Mazarawo. In response, Alimo verbally abused Rashid, criticizing his academic abilities. 

In a fit of anger, Rashid retaliated by hitting Alimo, resulting in Alimo's immediate death. The police arrested Rashid and placed him in juvenile custody. He is set to be transferred to a juvenile court for prosecution on charges of murder.

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