President Amin’s Former Private Secretary Very Sick


Henry Kyemba, who once served as the Principal Private Secretary to President Idi Amin, is indisposed.

A family source revealed that Kyemba has been in and out of hospital since last year. He is reported to be suffering from old age complications. A few years back, he was flown to the United States where he underwent a general body check.

Shortly after returning to Uganda, he became very frail, to the dismay of his family. He is now confined at his country home in Busoga.

Before becoming Amin’s private secretary, he served in the same capacity during Milton Obote’s rule.

Thereafter, Amin appointed him to the cabinet office of community affairs and health.

He quit Amin’s government in 1977 following the murder of Archbishop Janani Luwum.

Kyemba also served as the minister for presidency under President Museveni.

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