Patient ‘Scared To Scream During S3x Act’


A woman recovering from major surgery at the University Hospital Limerick feared she was going to be raped when a man broke into her room and started mastűrbating at the bottom of her bed.

Kadim Mbuye went in behind a curtain and performed the act in from of the woman who “was scared to scream as she couldn’t physically move due to her surgery,” Detective Garda O’Connell told Newcastle West Court, revealing that Mbuye was involved in a contested bail hearing at the time.

Mbuye told the Detective that her claims were “not true” and claimed he should be bailed - an argument the detective objected to due to the “likelihood of further offences.”

Staying in accommodation in Co Clare, Mbuye demanded the court “help [him] with [his] problem.”

He was helped. He was remanded in custody to appear in Limerick District Court.

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