Speaker Among tells UCC to Search and Those that Abuse her on Social Media

Anita Among, speaking as the Speaker, has called upon the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to conduct an inquiry into the source of harmful content about her circulating on social media platforms.

This appeal follows accusations suggesting her involvement in a confrontation with David Bahati, the minister of state for industries, during a parliamentary session discussing government-imposed taxes, which subsequently led to protests among traders.

The UCC, responsible for overseeing the communication sector, including social media, is being urged to intervene by Among.

Expressing concern over the misuse of social media to tarnish reputations, Among emphasized the need for spiritual support for those engaging in such behavior.

Acknowledging Bahati's dedication to public service, Among expressed dismay at the targeted attacks against him, highlighting broader implications for the country's welfare.

She questioned the moral integrity of individuals resorting to such tactics, reflecting on her own decision to abstain from social media to avoid undue stress.

Dispelling rumors circulating on social media, Among vehemently denied allegations of disparaging Bahati's competence or involvement in inciting trader protests.

Insisting on a thorough investigation by the UCC to uncover the perpetrators behind the false and malicious claims, Among emphasized the gravity of the situation.

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