We Want To Bury Him In 100 Bark Clothes Not Casket: Buganda Kingdom Bosses Clash With Slain Clan Head Family Members

Earlier today, the Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, convened with a segment of the Buganda Kingdom clan heads council (Olukiiko lw’abataka). Led by Ssalongo Augustine Kizito Mutumba, the council's speaker, the meeting took place at Bulange Mengo, the heart of the Buganda Kingdom. The main agenda was to address specific matters regarding the burial arrangements for Omutaka Daniel Bbosa Lwomwa, the clan head of Endiga (Sheep) clan. Bbosa tragically fell victim to a fatal shooting near his residence in Lungujja, Lubaga Division, a suburb of Kampala.

Israel Kazibwe Kitooke, the Kingdom's Information and Mobilization minister, disclosed plans for the Kingdom to take charge of Bbosa's burial preparations. Owekitiibwa Anthony Wamala, the Culture, Palace, and Security minister in the Kingdom, is actively collaborating with the deceased's family and the clan heads council to ensure a dignified send-off.

However, inside sources from the clan heads council revealed to The Grapevine the existence of a significant dispute during the initial meeting focused on the burial arrangements. The conflict emerged between the family members and other committee representatives, predominantly clan premiers (bakatikkiro b’ebika) acting on behalf of their respective clan heads.

The contention arose when the widow, Gladys Bbosa, and the late Bbosa's son, Bruce Bbosa, insisted on a Christian burial, citing the deceased's devout faith as a born-again Christian. The family wished for Bbosa to be interred in formal attire, laid in a casket, and buried in a conventional grave.

Contrarily, some clan premiers opposed this suggestion, asserting that Buganda clan heads traditionally undergo Kiganda burial rites. This tradition involves the wrapping of the body in over 100 bark clothes before interment in a 15x15 feet grave, without the use of a casket.

A committee member informed the family representative of a past incident involving Minge Kasujja, the clan head of Engeye clan. Upon Kasujja's death, the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte advocated for a Muslim burial in accordance with Kasujja's faith, rebuffing the clan premiers' proposal.

The clan premier continued, recounting that when Muzaata persisted, it was decided that the matter would be referred to Kabaka Mutebi for a final resolution. Prince Kassim Nakibinge Kakungulu, the Titular Head of Muslims, intervened, and Kasujja was eventually laid to rest in the Kiganda tradition.

Bbosa's widow received assurances that her desire to be buried beside her husband would be honored, despite Bbosa's interment at his ancestral home in Mpigi district, where his parents also rest. The funeral is anticipated to take place next week, pending the ongoing process of selecting Bbosa's successor.

Prior to burial, the appointment of the clan royal chair (Ssemusota) is required to oversee the successor's selection process. Once chosen, the successor will be presented to Mayiga for introduction to Kabaka Mutebi, who will then confirm or reject the appointee. Upon confirmation, the deceased will receive his final rites.

At the time of his passing, the Buganda Kingdom's cultural court (kkooti ya kisekwa) had ruled Bbosa's occupancy of the Endiga clan head office as illegal. Bbosa had lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court, awaiting Kabaka Mutebi's judgment.

In a related update, Brig. Gen. Christopher Ddamulira Sserunjogi, the Police Director for Crime Intelligence, and Maj. Dr. Tom Magambo, the Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), are overseeing proceedings at Mulago Hospital. Derrick Noah Luggya, one of the suspected assailants, is currently receiving treatment after being severely beaten by an angry mob.

Security forces, including commandos and detectives, have been deployed at Mulago Hospital to ensure Luggya's safety, rotating shifts every six hours. Reports indicate that Luggya is responding well to medical treatment.

Luggya stands accused of firing the fatal shot that claimed Bbosa's life, while his accomplice, Emmanuel Sserukuma, was killed by the mob in Bulange, Lubaga Division. Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has stated that detectives handling Bbosa's case will imminently take Luggya's statement.

Buganda Premier Mayiga has urged security personnel to obtain all necessary information from Luggya to aid in apprehending all involved suspects and bringing them to justice.

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