Breaking News: Buganda Clan Head Shot Dead

In a shocking turn of events, the esteemed leader of the Ndiga Clan in the Buganda Kingdom, Eng. Daniel Bbosa, has been tragically shot and killed. The incident unfolded this evening in Lungujja, as unknown gunmen ambushed and fatally wounded Eng. Bbosa.

As the news spread like wildfire, a swift and intense pursuit ensued. A mob of enraged citizens chased down the two assailants, managing to apprehend them before authorities arrived on the scene. However, instead of waiting for the law to take its course, the mob took justice into their own hands.

In a disturbing escalation, the assailants were reportedly killed by the vigilantes before any official intervention could occur. The gun and the motorbike used by the attackers were recovered at the scene, adding to the chilling nature of this crime.

The body of Eng. Daniel Bbosa has been transferred to Mulago Referral Hospital for a thorough postmortem examination, as authorities scramble to make sense of this brazen act of violence.

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