Woman Dumps Baby in Busega Trench, Says She's too Poor to Take Care of Her

Police in Busega have found themselves grappling with a heartbreaking situation. A toddler, approximately two years old, was abandoned in a trench on Tuesday, December 26, by its mother, identified as Brenda Atuhaire. The act was attributed to extreme financial stress and the alleged abandonment of the child's father.

Brenda Atuhaire, in a note left alongside the abandoned child, revealed the dire circumstances that led her to such a desperate measure. She stated that the child's father had failed to provide child support, and despite her attempts to involve the police for assistance, she received no help. Atuhaire expressed her love for the child but claimed that desperation compelled her to make this heart-wrenching decision.

"I tried to get the police involved but got no help. Now my baby is sick; I don't have money, and no one can help," Atuhaire lamented in the note. She reassured that the abandonment was not a result of a lack of love for her child but rather a consequence of her challenging circumstances. Atuhaire added, "When she is older, she can always look for me."

The abandoned toddler, discovered by the police, appeared sickly and malnourished. This incident sheds light on the broader issue of child neglect in Uganda, with numerous studies indicating a prevailing burden on children. Child neglect involves the failure to provide adequate supervision, healthcare, clothing, housing, and other essential elements affecting a child's well-being, encompassing physical, emotional, social, educational, and safety aspects.

According to recent studies, including one by the ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter, child neglect ranks highest on the list of violations of children's rights in the country.

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