21-year-old girl takes own life after stabbing famous Kampala barber to death


Ugandans are reeling from shock and disbelief as news of the untimely demise of Arnold Senkungu, popularly known as Arnold Barber, spreads like wildfire. The 24-year-old Kampala barber lost his life in a tragic knife fight with his girlfriend and baby mama, 21-year-old Shina Atwine, in their Kabalagala residence.
The bustling streets of Kampala are now shadowed with sorrow as details emerge about the heartbreaking incident. Allegedly, Senkungu and Atwine engaged in a bitter exchange that escalated into a knife fight, resulting in Senkungu being fatally stabbed.
In a shocking turn of events, Atwine, gripped by fear and despair upon realizing the potential severity of her boyfriend's injuries, reportedly took her own life using the same knife. The tragic incident unfolded in the couple's residence, leaving a community in disbelief
The crime scene, marked by fresh blood and locked doors, was discovered by concerned neighbors who forced entry. Senkungu, still alive at the time, succumbed to his injuries later at Kibuli Hospital. Atwine, tragically, was found lifeless with a deep neck wound.
Police have since issued a statement on the matter, presenting a knife believed to be the weapon used in the fatal altercation. The couple, who shared a cohabiting life, leaves behind a 5-month-old baby, adding a layer of heartbreak to the already tragic narrative.
Deputy Police Spokesperson, Kampala Metropolitan, Luke Owoyesigyire, stated, "…they were found in distress by their neighbor. Discovering fresh blood and locked doors, neighbors forced entry to find Senkungu alive but succumbed to injuries at Kibuli Hospital. Tragically, Atwine was found lifeless with a deep neck wound."


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