Mps and the public passed the anti-homosexual law, not government says Museveni in-law Rwabogo


In a bid to address the ongoing controversy surrounding Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Law and its impact on the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) ban, Museveni's in-law, Rwabogo, emphasized that it was Members of Parliament (MPs) and the public, not the government, who spearheaded the enactment of the controversial legislation.

Rwabogo, who is in the United States seeking support to overturn the AGOA ban, shared insights into the genesis of the Anti-Homosexuality Law during a TV interview in Washington D.C. The law has faced international criticism for its stringent measures against individuals engaging in same-sex relationships.

Rwabogo stated, "It is essential to clarify that the Anti-Homosexuality Law was not initiated or driven by the government but rather by the MPs and the public. President Museveni has consistently maintained a neutral stance on the matter, underscoring the complexities and diverse perspectives within the Ugandan society."

The controversial law, signed by President Yoweri Museveni in 2022, has been a subject of contention globally, prompting reactions from human rights activists and foreign governments, including the United States.

Rwabogo's visit to the U.S. is strategically aimed at engaging with policymakers and advocates to garner support for Uganda in overturning the AGOA ban. AGOA, a trade initiative enacted by the U.S. government, provides eligible sub-Saharan African countries with duty-free access to American markets. However, Uganda faced restrictions under AGOA due to concerns about the country's stance on human rights, including the Anti-Homosexuality Law.

During the press conference, Rwabogo highlighted the Ugandan government's commitment to fostering economic growth and regional stability. He urged the international community to consider the broader context of Uganda's development efforts while revisiting the AGOA ban.


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