Wakiso Student Commits Suicide Over Forced Combination

Police are looking into the circumstances surrounding the alleged suicide of a student from Wampeewo Ntakke Secondary School in Kasangati Town Council, Wakiso District. 

Preliminary investigations reveal that the 19-year-old student was reportedly compelled by her mother to switch from her chosen subjects—Mathematics, Economics, and Geography/ICT (MEG/ICT)—to Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics (BCM). The family suspects foul play, noting the student's body was discovered outside school premises despite her boarding status.

Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire stated that on the evening of June 7, the student supposedly fled the school through the main gate. Her body, found on June 8 in Kyanja’s Walufumbe Zone II, was reportedly dressed in her school uniform. Mr. Owoyesigire noted that the student, a Senior Five in stream “B,” wanted to change her subject combination, which her mother opposed.

The police mention the student had sought guidance from the school counselor, who then referred her to the deputy head teacher. This led to a meeting with her mother on June 7, which ended without resolution and preceded the student's escape.

The student’s father, Peter Kisitu, claims his daughter's body had suspicious wounds and criticized the school’s absence at her burial. He did not comment on the subject combination issue.

Subject combinations at the Advanced Level significantly influence a student's career path, with BCM often leading to medical studies. An anonymous local source reported hearing from teachers that the student struggled with the chosen subjects, and the mother’s aspirations for her to become a doctor conflicted with the student's own interests.

Ms. Juliet Muzoora Atuhairwe, Commissioner for Government Secondary Education, emphasized that subject choices should align with a student's abilities and interests. Dr. Dennis Mugimba from the Ministry of Education highlighted the importance of parental support and career guidance. Additionally, Mr. Fredrick Kiyingi, Wakiso District education officer, advocated for parent education sessions on subject combinations.

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