Speaker Among says she survived rape many times

The Speaker of Parliament, Ms. Anita Among, has called on all parties involved to ensure the enforcement of laws aimed at protecting girls from early marriages and teenage pregnancies. She expressed concern that some of these laws have not been fully implemented, thereby failing to achieve their intended goals.

During the launch of the Uganda Parliamentary Forum to combat child marriage and teenage pregnancy, the Speaker urged MPs to actively participate in awareness and mobilization campaigns to address the rising incidences of early marriages and pregnancies.

Ms. Among shared her personal story, revealing that her father wanted her to marry for wealth instead of educating her. Coming from a family of 48 children, she recounted witnessing her sisters marry young rather than focus on their education, which prompted her to run away, work as a housemaid, and fund her own education from primary school to university.

She also faced attempted sexual violence from a brother-in-law and a relative, who arranged for someone to rape her to force her into early marriage. Despite these challenges, she persevered, eventually working her way up from a cleaner to a cashier at Centenary Bank due to her dedication.

The Speaker emphasized the reality and urgency of addressing early marriages and teenage pregnancies.

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