Security Guard Arrested for Assault in Viral Kampala Video

Authorities have reported the arrest of two men, including a security guard, involved in a viral incident in Kampala. The video, which surfaced last week, shows 18-year-old Isaac Kitooke being beaten for about five minutes while trapped among iron bars. The police identified the location as Nakivubo.

The incident occurred on February 3, 2024, at a construction site where the suspects, Samuel Azabo and Darius Opanya, had a disagreement with Kitooke, leading to his assault. According to police, the suspects used a long stick to beat Kitooke while confining him with iron bars.

Following the identification of the suspects, both men were apprehended and confessed to the assault. They now face charges of aggravated torture. Kitooke has been given a police form for a medical examination.

One of the suspects appeared to be wearing a uniform similar to that of counter-terrorism police, but authorities clarified that he was not a police officer. The man, identified as security guard Opanya, was referred to as "Commander Ivan" in the video. The second suspect, Azabo, is believed to have filmed the incident.

The police have issued warnings to local security guards and bouncers against wearing attire resembling police uniforms, stating that it could lead to prosecution.

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