President Museveni Says he has Parliament and Finance Corruption Evidence

President Yoweri Museveni announced that he has obtained evidence showing collusion between officials in the Ministry of Finance and members of parliament, indicating a serious corruption issue within the government. Speaking at the State of the Nation Address, he mentioned that both public servants and political figures are involved in corrupt practices, and he intends to address and eliminate these corrupt actors.

He highlighted that this is the first time he is publicly addressing corruption in parliament, which has been heavily reported in the media. Museveni revealed that he had heard allegations of corrupt arrangements involving the Ministry of Finance and parliament but now has proof of these activities. These allegations have led to sanctions against the speaker of parliament and two former ministers by the UK and US governments.

Museveni stressed the importance of dealing with amateur political actors who enter politics without understanding leadership, and he criticized politicians who engage in corrupt fundraising activities. He warned of foreign influence and bribes among political actors and stated that these issues are being monitored, with plans to take action against those involved.

He also addressed the problem of high interest rates charged by moneylenders and microfinance institutions, announcing measures to cap these rates and support poor people's banks through government programs. He expressed satisfaction with the current speaker and deputy speaker of parliament and criticized foreign perspectives on their roles.

Museveni emphasized the need to distinguish between dishonest individuals and those who make mistakes, suggesting that the latter could be guided and corrected rather than punished outright. His remarks were met with some disagreement from the audience.

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