Museveni Sends Strong Message to the West, says Uganda won't bend to Gays

President Museveni of Uganda addressed a large gathering at the Uganda Catholic Martyrs Shrine, emphasizing that Uganda, a country with a history of martyrs, will resist external pressures regarding its Anti-Homosexuality Act enacted in May 2023. He highlighted that those opposing Uganda and its leaders over this law would not succeed, drawing cheers from the crowd. 

The legislation has been criticized by several Western nations, including the United States, which has revoked Uganda's preferential trade status under the Africa Growth Opportunity Act in response. Furthermore, both the U.S. and the UK have imposed sanctions on top Ugandan officials for alleged corruption and human rights abuses related to the law.

Despite the international backlash, figures like Parliament Speaker Anita Among, who has faced personal sanctions, defend the legislation as upholding national values against foreign imposition. 

Bishop Raphael P’Mony Wokorach praised the parliamentarians for their courage in passing the law. The World Bank also froze new loans to Uganda, citing the law’s inconsistency with its values, which President Museveni criticized as arrogant and an attempt to impose foreign culture.

During the celebrations, Museveni agreed with calls to fight corruption with the same vigor used against homosexuality, promising more details in his upcoming State-of-the-Nation address. 

The annual event, commemorating the execution of 45 young men for their Christian faith in the late 19th century, serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made for religious beliefs and the importance of upholding such values. 

Archbishop Paul Ssemogerere urged the faithful to draw inspiration from the martyrs’ courage and commitment.

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