UBOS to extend Census Again

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Ubos) is considering extending the National Population and Housing Census due to complaints about under-enumeration. Ubos executive director, Chris Mukiza, announced that as of May 26, the census had covered 99 percent of the target 10.47 million households. The one percent not counted faced issues such as inaccessible premises, absent househo
ld members, or refusal to participate.

While Dr. Mukiza did not specify a new deadline, he mentioned that all complaints would be reviewed by Friday to determine the extension period. He highlighted that those who refused entry to enumerators were recorded, and the bureau plans to address this in Kampala by deploying its staff to complete the enumeration.

This is the second extension for the census, initially scheduled for May 10-19 and later extended to May 26 due to technical delays. Ubos aims to adhere to the UN's 30-day fieldwork recommendation and will publish preliminary results on June 24, provisional results on September 24, and the final report on December 24. Data indicates an increase in the number of households but a decrease in household size, particularly in Greater Kampala, with many single-person households.

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