Ubos says they won't pay enumerators for any extra days worked

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Ubos) announced it will not provide additional payments to enumerators for the extended six days of the National Census. Deputy Executive Director Mr. Godfrey Nabongo disclosed this on May 20 during a press conference in Kampala. The extension, announced on May 19, aimed to give enumerators who faced log-in issues extra time to finish their tasks.

Mr. Nabongo explained that enumerators were contracted to complete their work within 10 days and are being paid for the job, not the duration. They are expected to use the extra days to finish their tasks without additional compensation. He urged local governments to make the most of these extra days to complete the census.

Enumerators were initially paid a daily allowance of Shs50,000, totaling Shs500,000 for 10 days. Some enumerators expressed dissatisfaction, citing that the delays were not their fault. For instance, Mercy Namyalo from Kawempe Division, Kampala, felt Ubos was being unfair. Conversely, Michael Agaba from Kitintale in Nakawa Division, Kampala, saw the extension as a chance to ensure everyone in his area was counted.

The 2024 National Housing and Population Census, initially scheduled from May 10 to May 19, managed to enumerate 10.4 million households by midnight on Sunday, achieving 98 percent coverage.

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