Taxi Driver Confesses to Killing four women on Entebbe Road

A taxi driver named Isaac Niwagaba has admitted to killing four women for allegedly cheating on him, shocking the crime intelligence and flying squad teams. Niwagaba, who operated on Entebbe Road, was arrested in Rukiga District after being tracked to his hideout.

Niwagaba confessed to strangling the women inside his taxi and dumping their bodies in bushes along Entebbe Road. He claimed that he became enraged after discovering the women, aged 20 to 25, with other men, despite having given them money. He detailed an incident where he strangled a woman a week ago after seeing her with another man and luring her to meet him alone.

The murders took place between March and May 2024. Judith Awori, the first victim, was abducted and killed on March 31, 2024. Awori, a waitress, was found dead near a church in Lweza. Another woman was killed on April 23, her body dumped and set on fire in a sack. On April 29, Nassali Jenipher was murdered and found with signs of strangulation and a blindfolded face.

Police found evidence, including phones and personal items of the victims, linking Niwagaba to the crimes. The taxis used in the murders were impounded. Other suspects, Abbas Katongole, Ronald Matovu, and Herbert Turyashemererwa, admitted to helping Niwagaba lure and rob the victims before he killed them.

The investigation revealed that the group killed six women, although Niwagaba only confessed to four. Most bodies remain unidentified, and DNA samples are being used to trace relatives. The latest suspected victim, Sandra Nangobi, was found on May 9, 2024. Police are working to confirm her identity and continue to search for another suspect, Gerald Byamugisha, who is still at large.

The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, urged companies to provide safe transport or accommodation for late-working employees to prevent similar incidents. He also referenced past serial killings, emphasizing ongoing investigations and efforts to apprehend remaining suspects.

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