Police Officer on the run after Killing Suspect

On Wednesday, police initiated an investigation into an incident caught on CCTV where a gang assaulted and robbed a 40-year-old man on Ben Kiwanuka Street in Kampala City. The victim, Tomson Mugisha of Kyebando, lost Shs450,000, important documents, and personal items in the attack, which occurred around 8 PM.

According to ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, the Central Police Station in Kampala has identified two suspects who are currently aiding the investigation. Authorities are determined to capture all involved and urge public vigilance against suspicious activities to enhance community safety.

This incident reflects growing concerns in Kampala and Wakiso districts about similar attacks on pedestrians by thieves. Residents report that assailants typically knock down their victims before robbing them. Recent social media videos have shown such attacks, including one where a Mozambican national was assaulted and robbed in Munyonyo.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed the arrest of the suspect in the Munyonyo attack. Other notable incidents include a businessman being robbed in Buziga and a pedestrian attacked in Kabalagala, leading to several arrests and the recovery of stolen items.

In Wakiso District, community leaders report an increase in violent robberies, some fatal. Residents now take extra precautions, limiting their outdoor activities to daylight hours. Despite these concerns, Mr. Onyango described these events as sporadic and assured the public that police efforts are ongoing to manage the situation.

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