Over 100 Sign Mpuuga Censure Motion

The proponents of the motion to censure four beleaguered parliamentary commissioners have urged these commissioners to cease implicating the Speaker in their impending dismissal from their lucrative positions.

During a press briefing at Parliament on Wednesday evening, MPs Theodore Ssekikubo, Odria Arion, and Rose Obigah addressed the issue. They noted that some MPs were being misled into believing the motion targeted the Speaker rather than the commissioners.

Contrary to the allegations, the motion is solely aimed at the commissioners, not Speaker Anita Among, despite her involvement in the commission meeting that allocated 1.7 billion to the commissioners, according to Ssekikubo.

The motion has garnered over 123 signatures out of the required 177 within nine days, as reported by Ssekikubo. The proponents clarified that the audit trail focuses on the four commissioners, not the Speaker.

They encouraged MPs to resist intimidation and support the motion to combat corruption and restore integrity within Parliament. Ssekikubo urged MPs not to be deterred by threats and to act decisively to uphold Parliament's dignity.

MP Odria Arion appealed to the Speaker to recall MPs from recess to support the motion. Agnes Taaka and other MPs voiced their support, criticizing the commissioners for self-serving actions and misuse of funds.

Among the MPs who signed the motion were Dr. Timothy Baluwa, Dr. Nicholas Kamara, Gilbert Olanya, and Kasaija Stephen.

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