MPs Launch Motion to Impeach Mpuuga and other Commissioners Over Service Awards

Several Members of Parliament have initiated a motion to impeach four parliamentary commissioners accused of distributing Shs1.7 billion of taxpayers’ money as 'service awards'. The targeted commissioners are Mathias Mpuuga (MP Nyendo - Mukungwe), Esther Afoyochan (Zombo Woman MP), Solomon Silwanyi (Bukooli Central MP), and Prossy Mbabazi Akampurira (Rubanda Woman MP).

The impeachment motion is spearheaded by MPs Theodore Ssekikubo (Lwemiyaga), Joseph Ssewungu (Kalungu West), Sarah Opendi (Tororo Woman MP), Patrick Nsamba Oshabe (Kassanda North), and Yorke Alioni Odria (Aringa South). They argue that the commissioners were given ample time to resign voluntarily but failed to do so, necessitating legislative action.

Ssewungu criticized the commissioners for their alleged greed, stating they misused public funds, and emphasized the need to remove them from office to facilitate financial accountability. Odria echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of combating corruption within Parliament and asserting that MPs must act to uphold integrity.

The legislators believe that impeaching the commissioners will restore public trust in Parliament and reinforce the institution’s integrity. Ssekikubo urged fellow MPs to support the motion and called on the accused commissioners to resign before formal proceedings commence.

This motion follows revelations that the commissioners awarded themselves substantial sums, with Mpuuga allegedly receiving Shs500 million and the other three commissioners Shs400 million each. This action has sparked public outrage and calls for accountability.

Sarah Opendi appealed to the public to support the motion, emphasizing the need to address the misuse of taxpayer funds, while Nsamba condemned the commissioners for continuing in their roles despite the controversy. The National Unity Platform (NUP) party, led by Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, has also been involved, with internal disputes regarding Mpuuga’s position as commissioner.

Despite the Speaker’s dismissal of NUP’s recall attempt, Kyagulanyi removed Mpuuga from a party leadership role, intensifying tensions within the opposition. The motion’s success hinges on proving that the Shs1.7 billion service award was not legally sanctioned by Parliament, as emphasized by MP Oguzu Le, who called for thorough verification before supporting the motion.

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