Minister Namuganza Leads Charge in Mpuuga Censure

The State Minister for Housing, Ms. Persis Namuganza, has signed a motion to censure four Parliamentary Commissioners, warning those pressuring MPs not to sign by falsely claiming the President’s orders. Namuganza emphasized that the President communicates formally and should not be used to intimidate MPs.

She stated that the President typically writes or addresses the NRM Parliamentary caucus directly if he opposes something. Highlighting corruption in Parliament, Namuganza urged her fellow Cabinet ministers to support the motion against corruption, citing the public’s frustration.

Namuganza, previously censured in January 2023 for alleged misconduct, encouraged unity among ministers and MPs in combating corruption. She noted the baselessness of her past censure compared to the current grounds against the four Commissioners.

The censure motion, led by Lwemiyaga County MP Theodore Ssekikubo, targets Esther Afoyochan, Prossy Akampulira, Solomon Silwany, and Mathias Mpuuga for misallocating significant funds without parliamentary approval.

Namuganza criticized Silwany and Mpuuga for their past conduct and urged Ssekikubo to publicize the names of MPs supporting the censure motion, to expose those supporting corruption. She condemned the accused Commissioners for using President Museveni's name to shield their actions.

A censure, a formal vote of disapproval, would result in the removal of the Commissioners from their positions, marking an official indictment of their misconduct. Ssekikubo and supporters need at least 177 signatures to pass the motion.

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