Four family members perish in Buyende house fire

A devastating fire in Buyende claimed the lives of a businessman, his wife, and their two grandchildren. The victims, identified by the police as 67-year-old Patrick Ssendi, 64-year-old Jesca Mukyala, 3-year-old Peter Senguko, and one-year-old Shalom Namu, died in the incident.

The fire occurred on May 23, 2024, around 7:30 pm at Kiga landing site, Buyanja 'A' village, Buyanja sub-county. It started when a customer, known only as William, visited Ssendi's home to buy fuel for a boat engine. During the transaction, some fuel spilled near a charcoal stove in use. Despite Mukyala's efforts to move the stove, the fuel ignited, causing a blaze that destroyed the home and killed four family members.

Three people—20-year-old Damalie Nantongo, 9-year-old granddaughter Bridget Namyalo, and 17-year-old William—escaped with injuries.

Detectives from Buyende Central Police Station are investigating the scene. Regional spokesperson for Busoga North, Micheal Kasadha, highlighted the importance of legal and safe fuel storage to prevent such tragedies, urging those dealing in fuel to ensure proper safety measures.

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