Enumerator Bitten by Dog During Census in Namutumba District

An enumerator in Namutumba District has reportedly been bitten by a dog during the ongoing population census. Mr. Patrick Isabirye was bitten at Ms. Madina Nabirye's home in Kangulumo 'B' village, Namutumba Town Council. 

Mr. Isabirye expressed concern over his predicament, stating he was stuck without treatment funds as the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Ubos) had not yet paid him. 

The nationwide National Population and Housing Census 2024, conducted by Ubos, began on May 10 and will end on May 19, with some districts extending beyond this date. 

Ubos Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Godfrey Nabongho, acknowledged they had not yet received a report on the incident. However, he assured that if confirmed, Ubos would handle the situation, promising to cover the medical expenses once the victim submits the costs in writing.

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