UPDF kills another ADF Commander

In a collaborative operation between military forces from Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, an operation successfully targeted and eliminated key figures within the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), including a commander known as Dr. Musa and a medic associated with the group.

The incident, which occurred at Mugulumugulu near Tokomeka, approximately 30km Northwest of Kainama, resulted in the neutralization of Dr. Musa, who was operating alongside another prominent ADF commander named Muhammad Luminsa. The joint forces recovered weapons and communication equipment during the operation.

This development, dated April 9, 2024, follows closely after the elimination of another ADF commander known as Baghdad, who was targeted by a mobile squad from the third Mountain Battalion along with Congolese troops in the areas of Ambusire, Northwest of Tingwe, in Ituri province, on April 4, 2024.

Efforts to locate and neutralize remaining ADF members are ongoing, with a particular focus on addressing the increased threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) planted by the group. The joint forces are actively pursuing ADF remnants across various sectors of the operation, employing technical explosive ordnance disposal teams to mitigate the IED threat.

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