Ugandans now losing National IDs for failing to pay Saucepan loans

Authorities have pinpointed various regions, including Kampala, Gulu, Fort Portal, Mpigi, and Iganga, as areas of concern where locals are trading their national identity cards for household items like saucepans with Egyptian immigrants who are operating illegally within the country.

Simon Mundeyi, the spokesperson for the immigration department under the internal affairs ministry, shared these concerning findings during a press briefing held at the Police headquarters in Naguru, Kampala, on Monday, April 8, 2024.

Mundeyi outlined the methods employed by these illegal immigrants, who reportedly collaborate with local intermediaries to coerce individuals into surrendering their national identity cards in exchange for household utensils.

"These residents are surrendering their national documents to foreigners, unaware of the potential consequences, in exchange for items such as cooking pots," Mundeyi remarked.

He also highlighted the lack of awareness among many Ugandans regarding the potential misuse of their identity documents by immigrants.

"The situation is fluid, with authorities actively working to address this troubling trend," he added.

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